Express mobility

The partner institutions are offering special, such as elective studies with special subjects, which are not necessarily included in the curriculum of other partners. These studies are relevant to students from other institutions to participate, and that’s why the offering of partner institutions are informed well among the partners and the opportunities are marketed to the students. It is kind of a new initiative which students are showing interest in participating, and we see excellent opportunities for the students both at their home institutions and from partner institutions to benefit from. It is also adding the institutions’ home internalization when having foreign students on the classes.

Examples of the activities that the partners within the network can use the express mobility for and to benefit from:

* International Week "Integration of Theory and Practice" at Mikkeli University of Applied Sciences, Finland, March 2015.Common international week organized by the Department of Health Care, and the Department of Culture, Youth and Social Work with annually changing theme related to well-being.

* An annual module, "Family Nursing and Children's Rights", Lahti University of Applied Sciences, Finland

* An annual module, "Global Nursing" at Haraldsplass Deaconess University College, Norway

* An annual module , "Global Nursing" at University College of Northern Denmark