Student mobility

Student exchanges are offered in both academic/theoretical courses and clinical/practical training placements, or as a combination of the two types of exchanges. Students interested in student mobility apply to the Nordplus international coordinator at their home institution. Coordinators select the students who can move forward with their exchange plans. Selected students send their grant application forms to the network coordinator, who pays the grant directly to the student prior to the exchange.

Studies or placement periods in a host institution (amount of working hours, ECTS credits, duration of the exchange) are carefully planned  by the teachers and international coordinators of the home and host institutions. A contact teacher is appointed at the home and host institutions to ensure that students receive support and guidance, and that the exchange period runs as originally planned, or is revised when necessary. Following the exchange,  students are  requested to write a report in which they evaluate the achievement of learning outcomes and the exchange as a whole, including practical issues which ought to be considered by the host or home institution. All studies completed at the host institution will be fully recognized in the student’s degree at the home institution.

Students have the same exchange period rights and obligations as regular students at the host institution. The travel contributions are paid out of the fund received by Trollnet from the Nordplus programme. The host institution undertakes to assist incoming students with information about the institution, guidance/tutoring, and assistance with the accommodation issues. The accommodation is often in a student dorm or a hostel. During the exchange, students are asked to present their home institution and following the exchange, to share with fellow students at home about the host institution.

Students who receive a grant  from the Nordplus programme agree to the requirements of the agreement between the institutions involved. The student on exchange also has the right to receive grants authorized by the student’s home country’s national authorities.

Trollnet has also been an option for part-time and adult students desiring internationalization, but who are unable to be away from home for a 2 or 3 month period, as required by the Erasmus+ program. Nordplus programmes are a suitable alternative, allowing for shorter exchanges from 1 week and up to several months. This possibility is actively marketed for part-time and adult students, and in some cases for BSc degree students.


Nordplus grants for student mobility

Accommodation/board rates:   20€/day,   70€/week,   200€/month

Travel rates:   330€